Chelmsford here we come…..

And it’s all change as I move from Althorne to my ‘new job with a decent car park’ in Chelmsford, which is where Essex play cricket.

My new boss, who looks cunningly similar to my old boss, has started snapping already. It’s going to be a hoot as usual. I start on the 26th, when the official launch of Sharon Hosegood Associates happens, but I seem to have had that date brought forward. Unsurprisingly.

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‘All Change’ on the Pandemonium Express……

It’s been a while since I wrote anything such has been the frenzy of activity on the Essex-based ND-H front recently. My work has had a virtual total staff change, my boss has left, my car has been completely covered in all sorts of wallpaper and in a few weeks time I guess the wife will be upping sticks too.

Time then to let an old post do the talking – the time I spent with James Martin, the old chef from Hampshire, with whom I did a bit of driving for an idea for a TV show that he had.

Check it out here

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Lose an hour, gain an hour. It’s all relative.

Depends how you look at it. In the UK we have this bizarre ‘putting the clocks forward/back‘, depending on the time of year. Spring forward, fall back, is the way to remember, apparently, although it seems ironic that the Americans clearly invented that phrase, as they don’t have ‘autumn’, according to Microsoft American English, neither do they have to put their clocks back. I always come away thinking that it just gets darker the following day, at one end or the other, and it really does single out this little island of ours and it’s eccentricities which so many people find so ‘cutely English‘. Anyhow, tomorrow morning will be a day of ‘nothing-going-on-ness’ after a week of frantic hurly-burly at work which saw one person fired, another hospital bound, and yet another perched so loftily above his station that it will be a miracle if he lasts another week, though he is likely to be saved by his trusty taiwanese manservant to fight another week after this one at least.

Lose an hour? I think I need another 24 for free to make up for the week I’ve just had. It will, however, be back to normal in about three months time when pastures new, or ‘the bit where the grass is always greener‘ turns up to offer a new challenge for 2015 and beyond. It should be fun. Somehow, I have no doubt about that. Sleep well and rest up you – and don’t forget, you won’t get so much of it tonight. Monday is the start of something big.

Autumn ends

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Madrid – no ‘fat lady’ seen yet….

Whilst the hard graft under the spanish sun is well and truly over, the work has only just begun as we returned to the UK and started the unenviable task of compiling 53 maps of 108 tree scans comprising 1600 individual scan lines, all of which had to be interpreted by the boss before she takes a thoroughly undeserved 3 months off, due to circumstances beyond anyones control. A massive task, probably the biggest ever undertaken, it needs to be complete by the 20th October otherwise we may have to defend the white cliffs from the spanish once again.

Demo in progress

Three days of scanning from 8am to 6pm, with the other two taken up by demos of the equipment to curious park officials and workers, revealed some interesting results, and Laura Mendiburu, head of operations for her company Tecnigral, was very pleased with the findings. So much so, she headed off to Illinois virtually immediately after we finished on the saturday morning.


Everybody wishes the boss all the best for her upcoming leave period – the corridors of power will ring hollow until her return. The queen of the radar will be ‘off’ the radar for a while…..but it won’t be long before the first ‘beep’ is located in a small corner of Essex to herald her return.

From your friends on the farm.


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Madrid awaits

Early night as Madrid is destination tomorrow.

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