Madrid – no ‘fat lady’ seen yet….

Whilst the hard graft under the spanish sun is well and truly over, the work has only just begun as we returned to the UK and started the unenviable task of compiling 53 maps of 108 tree scans comprising 1600 individual scan lines, all of which had to be interpreted by the boss before she takes a thoroughly undeserved 3 months off, due to circumstances beyond anyones control. A massive task, probably the biggest ever undertaken, it needs to be complete by the 20th October otherwise we may have to defend the white cliffs from the spanish once again.

Demo in progress

Three days of scanning from 8am to 6pm, with the other two taken up by demos of the equipment to curious park officials and workers, revealed some interesting results, and Laura Mendiburu, head of operations for her company Tecnigral, was very pleased with the findings. So much so, she headed off to Illinois virtually immediately after we finished on the saturday morning.


Everybody wishes the boss all the best for her upcoming leave period – the corridors of power will ring hollow until her return. The queen of the radar will be ‘off’ the radar for a while…..but it won’t be long before the first ‘beep’ is located in a small corner of Essex to herald her return.

From your friends on the farm.


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Madrid awaits

Early night as Madrid is destination tomorrow.

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I will be the rock when the storm comes…

On friday morning, the European Ryder Cup team will take on the chaps from across the pond in the best ‘good walk ruined’ game there is in golf….the Ryder Cup. With that in mind, I have decided to take myself to Forest Row for three unadulterated Sky Tv  days of golf, food, champagne and European success in the greatest golf rivalry of all.  The small matter of Tottenham getting thrashed out of sight by the other team on saturday afternoon, by which time, if all goes to form, Europe should be 4 behind with the sunday singlets to play. By sunday, I’ll be wishing I had taken monday off, but there’s no way that’s going to happen.

Friday afternoon in Forest Row will see me driving by Kim’s house to try out the 993 Targa, followed  by 9holes with Barry, then dinner with mum at 7 somewhere nice. Saturday, golf, shopping, Ars***l v Spurs at 4.45, golf, dinner at somewhere in T. Wells (surprise), then sunday golf and lunch at Kim’s, then golf and home by 7pm.

Hideous for most – fun for me. And after this week at work, I’ll need it.


Arsenal 4 Tottenham 0

Europe 14 USA 11



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Teutonic worries not realised – Caterham arrives in 2 weeks.

Sunday, sunshine, a trip to Brands. What could be a better start to the day than by buying a Caterham 7 at the home of British motor racing? (Yes, there are better starts obviously-settle down).I was asked by Henry to ferry him down to Brands Hatch in the Impreza on the day when the Porsche clubs of GB were having a massive love-in, so was slightly worried about whether the toffs would be giving me a hard time in the fish. IMAG0336As it turned out, there was no problem with either the teutonic chaps, nor with the Caterham, and as a result the car was bought within the hour. IMAG0338 IMAG0340 IMAG0341After this it was back home up the A12 for beer and skittles with children providing conkers and empty beer cans for a hilarious game of ‘blink and you’re out’. Marvellous, and good fun to boot. Missing something naturally.

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Is it the last Caterham? We’ll soon find out

Saturday will see me ferrying my farmer friend Henry down to Heybridge to look at a Lotus Caterham 7 40th anniversary model, with a twist. It was possibly the last one ever made. Now, call me an old cynic, but I don’t think there is a chance in hell that this is true, but I will be taking him down there nonetheless  to check it out, ascertain vin numbers etc etc and other boring car nerd stuff, and then head on home for lunch and investigative stuff.

Unfortunately, due to a computer blow up at rally decal headquarters in Peldon, no more graphics will be added on saturday or sunday, so, alas, they will have to wait. I have had a great but equally tiring week at work, so I’m not overly fussed. Suffice it to say that if it is true, and it is the last Caterham ever  built, Henry will jolly well owe me a drink. Which he never finds difficult, as he has a dedicated fridge full of the stuff. In the meantime, here’s a pic of what we’re going to see.

Caterham 7 £14k and it’s yours sir.

Updated  – sold to somebody in Norway yesterday , and no, it wasn’t the last one. Car looked good but just too late. Off to Brands Hatch tomorrow to see a low mileage  version (1.6 injection).


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