Saying of the week

‘Having an idea is one thing. Getting it to work is the difficult bit.’

Bernie Ecclestone, Monaco 2015

Hope that helps for all of you thinking of trying out something new soon……..

The only way to peel apples………

Don’t ask me why but, whilst the washing’s on and the wind is howling down the farmyard, I decided to promote the ‘marvellicity’ of the Apple peeler corer slicer machine that’s been around since I had a great grandma. So, with the GoPro strapped to the head, here’s what happens. 

Bored, me?



Happy birthday Mum!


Hard to believe that a year has gone by since the casinos of Monte Carlo, restaurant at the top of the Shard, and all the other celebrations that went on for Mum’s 80th. Here is the birthday girl at 81, with a special present, after visiting Wakehurst Place today.


What’s behind you IS important…..

As proved in this great interview with the nations favourite racing driver, Sir Stirling Moss. After ‘nicking’ the great man in front of the nation’s press, Stilring did an interview, but Noel just kept on entertaining, by placing the two psychaedelic chics in the Police Car, and pinching some press to take some great shots.


Stirling Moss & ND-H at Press Launch, Chelsea Auto Legends